New Zealand

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Location: Auckland, New Zealand.

What would you do with limitless funds?

For some, the answer is: move to New Zealand. Mild climate, low crime, prosperous, stable economy, spectacular natural beauty, relaxed, friendly society.

So you go to Auckland, because it’s the most cosmopolitan city, and build your own home. Here’s a potential checklist:

  1. Walking distance to 500m sandy beach
  2. Infinity swimming pool
  3. Gym
  4. Cinema
  5. Six bedrooms with sea views
  6. Wide terraces with views out over tropical islands
  7. Massive, modern kitchen and open plan living room
  8. Five minutes’ drive to city centre
  9. Close to great cycling and hiking routes
  10. Next to a marina where you can moor your yacht

My wife’s schoolfriend and her husband left the UK and did all these things.

We stayed with them for a couple of nights and it was like a dream. I woke at dawn and took these pictures of the house and the view.

You can only applaud and be a tiny bit jealous.

Clare (right) and schoolfriend on the balcony of her dream home